I AM NOT BROKEN by Delikings
WARNING!!! Emotional content below...... Daniella (A.K.A Delikings) is an amazing poet. She is just simply amazing. I actually shed a tear while reading this and I thought I was SuperWoman lol......Enjoy this piece To the whirlwinds of pain; I bid goodbye, to the last memories of us engraved on the sands of time; I hold to cherish in another Life. Tonight, I close the chapters to something amazing gone wrong. I agreed to be apart yet I dream to be together. What kind of love is this? You may think me to be indecisive but I cry out happiness matters. A great part of me misses the we you slowly inverted to me but I bear no grudges still. You made your decision to walk away from something really beautiful (at-least it was not me) so then you must have a huge pile of reasons for your actions. Earlier today, I caught myself secretly flipping few pages backwards to when it all began and I tried to merge how 'the problems' came into play but blank spaces where all I could find. I'm not broken like you assume but I do have emotional scars which will fade off with time. Time - that's all I'm counting on to slowly but effectively erase all of YOU. I've got tattooed, these words to my thoughts I am not broken, I will recover so can you if you are a victim of love gone askew. Kindly leave your thoughts on this...I'd be glad to reply you Join Our Online Community For Ladypreneurs and Career Women Follow us on Twitter @superwomanorg Follow us on Instagram Like us on Facebook Follow us on Google plus Subscribe to our youtube channel Send us a mail Read any post you like? share and drop your comments And contact us If you would love to advertise on our magazine and/or site