Planner & Journal excitement
Picked up my new composition notebook for my planner/journal to start 2016. This cover (top pink one) makes me happy :) I do a combo of artjournal doodlejournal smashbook and bulletjournal which i called Junkbooking or jot journalling. I still use my google calendar app for keeping appointments and my phone alarms for time management through the day. But keeping a paper planner/journal all in one for day to day to do lists, brain dumps, planning and gratitude keeps me motivated and on track. And it's fun. I can't stick to a printed planner. I've tried so many over the years. I Like to change up my layout daily or modify it as i go. My adhd brain remembers in my book goes in chronological order. I can remember what side of the page a quote I read in a book is on. So... If i have a brainstorm session for blog ideas on monday...i put them on the pages right after my page for Monday. Then the next blank page becomes Tuesday's page. Before bullet journalling I never considered doing this this way. And keeping a contents page at the front as I go. But it is so smart!! I dont do a month overview page and then weekly and daily. I do one page per day. Then on Sunday I do a one Page weekly review and week ahead bulletpoint plan. Before i used to flip to the back of my composition book and write all my ideas. And before long i just had a pile of half used notebooks with all these ideas in the back...and i couldn't recall easily where it was. I'd be on my bed with a box of 6 notebooks flipping for where I was sure I'd jotted down those notes. Doing it in chronological order right in the note book as I think of it. I can recall the time of year i jotted it down. And also. Just flip to the contents oage and look for it easily!