Why is the 2nd Child Crazy? | Sunshine Dad
What's up with #2? Why is it that more often than not the second born child is crazy? That's certainly the case with our second child. I often think of him as my own personal Charles Dickens "He's the best of times, he's the worst of times" His name is Greyson and I have found myself referring to his antics as being Grey-Cray. I'm not alone in this either. I've run into so many parents who have had similar experiences as us. Our first born child was so sweet so perfect. It was almost effortless to care for him. He was always smiling, he slept through the night early on, he reached all the milestones early, he obeyed and things were smooth. We had convinced ourselves we were the greatest parents in the history of the world. We couldn't wait to have another perfect child. Well the day came when we had our second child but our world was turned upside down. Suddenly we had a child who didn't smile, didn't listen and marched to the beat of his own drum. As the boys grew up I noticed neither