What's the Deal with that Rash? | Sunshine Dad
If your kids are anything like mine they are always getting some random rashes. Sometimes they go away in minutes, sometimes they linger for days. I don't know if I should be putting moisturizing lotion on it or getting a prescription for an antibiotic ointment. So what do I do? Well that's easy, I ask my wife. She is a physician assistant in the emergency room and it's her job to check out and diagnose random rashes (among plenty of other things). But what if your spouse isn't medically trained and doesn't work in the Emergency Room? Your only real option up until now has been to wait it out, hope it goes away or schedule a doctor's visit if it seems bad. Enter First Derm. It's an iOS and Android app that allows you to take a picture of any skin issue and submit it to a team of board certified dermatologists. Within 24 hours one of the dermatologists will reply with professional information on: The possible identity of your condition, first step treatment option, if or when you