Transform Your Coat Closet into a Mud Room | Sunshine Dad
My wife decided she no longer liked our hallway coat closet and I needed to turn it into a mud room. It was looking pretty ugly, I'll give her that, but we were storing a lot of stuff in there. I wasn't ready to give up all that storage space for some shoe cubbies, a bench and a couple hooks. So we scoured Pinterest for days and finally came up with a solution that worked for both of us. Our closet was quite the eye sore. After a few trips to the local home improvement store I was ready to start my DIY project. I began by making the bench/cubbies. First, of course, I had to clear out the closet floor. Then I cut out and put down the base and sides of the bench: After that I began to cut out and make the center cubbies: After I cut the boards I used my Kreg Jig to secure them together: I made sure to screw them together at a right angle.When I was done, I had a piece that looked like this: I dropped that into my base and sides in the closet and added the top for the bench: Next I