Top 5 Florida Cities Where Mosquitoes Are Most Prevalent | Sunshine Dad
The mosquito is often jokingly referred to as Florida's state bird. Those pesky insects love the tropical and humid conditions in the state. Female mosquitoes are the ones that love to suck on human blood, but only for breeding purposes. The male mosquito prefers plant nectar. Controlling the mosquito population might seem like a battle that can't be won, but there are things you can do to reduce the number of mosquitoes in your backyard. Mosquito bites aren't only a pesky issue, but a public health threat, carrying malaria and the Zika virus. In Florida, mosquitoes are a year-round problem, but the population grows after heavy rains. Females lay eggs in standing water. You may notice black squirming larvae in puddles or ponds. Those are mosquito eggs. It takes about a week for the adult mosquitoes to hatch. Mosquitoes only live three to four weeks, but they can wreak havoc in that time. Florida's cities all have to deal with mosquitoes, but these five cities have the highest