Thunder, Lightning and Your Wedding Day | Sunshine Dad
The other day my kids and I were out in the backyard like so many other afternoons. They were playing on their playset and I was sitting on the back deck rocking in my rocking chair and enjoying the breeze from my NewAir Misting Fan. When suddenly the kids come running and screaming up to me yelling as if the world were coming to an end. One of them had apparently felt a raindrop and mass hysteria ensued. After giving them my best nice-try-but-we're-not-going-into-the-house-and-watching-TV look, I told them to go back out and play. After a small protest they returned to the swings. A few minutes passed and far in the distance you could hear the faint low rumble of thunder. "Hey, Hey daddy, did you hear that?" my son Greyson asked. I could tell he was gearing up to make the argument that the thunder was reason to let him come in and play Mario Kart Wii. "Yes, I heard the thunder that was far off in the distance. You don't have to worry about that, you just keep swinging." I said in an