The Kindness of Strangers | Sunshine Dad
We got a chance to have a little get away. So we packed up the car and headed to North Carolina for a little skiing before the season ended. I used to be an avid snowboarder but I haven't been on a slope since our first kid was born more than 9 years ago. We found a cute cabin to rent online. The cabin rental place told us we should probably bring tire chains so we found some online and took off for the mountains. After a 9 hour road trip we finally arrived at our destination tired, hungry and ready to hit the slopes in the morning. We arrived at Sugar Mountain in the morning and after gearing up we were ready to hit the slopes. Now my wife and I are decent snowboarders but our kids are still learning. Our 3 year old had an hour private lesson and decided the cold and snow were not for him so he spent the rest of the day in the slope side child care center. Three of the other kids decided they were ready to hit the slopes without any refresher ski lessons (they went