The Costanza Wallet | Sunshine Dad
I was never big into the TV show Seinfeld. That puts me in the American minority, but I share a trait with one of the show's characters. George Costanza. He and I have giant wallets. It's almost guaranteed that if I pull out my wallet in a group of 3 or more people someone will yell "Hey you have a Costanza Wallet!" If you don't know what I'm talking about (or just want to watch Seinfeld) check out this video: I don't carry a purse so it's an easy catch-all for important things I don't want to lose. Of course it's gotten so big I can't carry it in my back pocket without extreme discomfort so I either carry it in my front pocket or in my cargo pockets. Roughly annually, I'll decided enough is enough and I'll pull everything out of it and purge it a bit. My wallet gets so stretched out that it takes a few days for the leather to shrink back and I'll have cards just falling out because of all the extra room. I decided today was the day I needed to