The Child We Lost | Sunshine Dad
This is a post I wasn't sure I'd ever write. I wasn't sure I even wanted to write it. But with October being SIDS, Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month I decided now seemed appropriate to write this post. We currently have 4 children and my wife is pregnant now. This is her 6th pregnancy. When our first child was 11 months old we were trying for number 2. It was the first of July and my wife informed me she just had her period, so it'd be another month before we'd have a chance to get pregnant. We attended a 4th of July party and the host asked my wife when she was due. When my wife informed her that she wasn't pregnant the host seemed very confused and apologized and explained that she really thought someone told her about the pregnancy. Well the whole thing seemed strange enough to my wife that she went and took a pregnancy test the next day. The test revealed that she was pregnant. She took another just to confirm. Still pregnant. We were super excited. She made an appointment