Seriously…Halloween Already?! | Sunshine Dad
No, no, no! Just stop it right now. It's mid August. What is going on? Why am I already seeing Halloween costumes in stores? This nonsense has got to stop. Halloween is more than 70 days away. That's Seven Zero. My kids will change their minds on who they want to be for Halloween approximately 12 times between now and the evening of October 31st. No way I'm buying their costumes 70 days out. And Honestly, does anyone do that? I know we've all got that one Great Aunt who has everyone's Christmas presents already wrapped by June but I've never heard of anyone doing that for Halloween. I guess someone must be doing it or stores wouldn't bother to stock the shelves. I'm pretty sure Halloween has recently become the second largest US holiday in terms of money spent. Second, of course, to Christmas. I have no idea what's number three. Maybe Valentines. I guess it's becoming like Black Friday in that everyone wants a piece of the pie so stores keep moving up their sale times to attract those