Pest control: Here's what you need to know | Sunshine Dad
Pests, be it indoors or be it in the farms, they can cause us many problems. From damaging our harvest to destroying our furniture or carrying deadly diseases, pests are notorious for the cost they can add to our living. However, with some very simple techniques, we can control their occurrence and hence aid to our own healthy and sound living. Let's take a peek at some remedies that we can try for ourselves at to keep these nasty beings at bay: Learn to make homemade DIY traps With some assistance from the internet, we can easily make our own pest traps. Basically, pest traps work by luring the insects/pests and then keeping them hooked either by having a much narrower exit, or by using chemicals to stick the pests. You can learn the techniques of making a very efficient insect trap by reading our how-to blog on carpenter bee control. Use Sticky Traps You can try making your own DIY traps by using resources easily available. Simply, it can be made by coating a thin layer of