Just Add Water | Sunshine Dad
One day a while back, I went to wash my hands. I went into the downstairs bathroom and pumped a squirt of soap onto my hands. I immediately noticed that the soap was incredibly watery. I remembered noticing the day before that the soap level was low and thinking I needed to add more soap. Since my mother-in-law watched the kids the previous night, I started to think that maybe she had added some water to the soap since it might have gotten too low to pump. Now why did I think it was my mother-in-law? I don't really know. I was just guessing. Adding water to the soap wasn't really something my wife or I did. I was just trying to think who else it might have been. No big deal, life went on. I got some soap added into the dispenser. A week or two went by and I noticed in the upstairs bathroom the soap dispenser in there now had water added to it as well. I didn't remember my mother-in-law coming over recently but I still couldn't think who else. I just thought "Man I've got to stay on