Hurricanes Will Refocus Your Priorities | Sunshine Dad
There is nothing like a life-threatening category 4 hurricane barreling down on you to make you rethink what you value as important. Unless you were in a coma last week or a foreign country, you are likely aware that a massive hurricane named Matthew was projected to rip through the Caribbean and ride the coastline of the United States from the southern tip of Florida all the way up to North Carolina. We live right along the path they were projecting the storm to come. Of course, hurricane path projection isn't an exact science and some projections had the eye of the storm coming over our house and some had the eye passing 100 miles east of us. That would be the difference between the roof getting ripped off your house or simply experiencing the worst thunderstorm of your life. For 2 days straight I was glued to the weather channel. We all were. It was all anyone could talk about. Hurricane Matthew was scheduled to hit Friday morning, we started closing things down on Wednesday. We