FutureSchool is Now | Sunshine Dad
As a parent, one of the things I think about quite a bit is my children's education. We made the decision to move to one of the top school districts in our state but that doesn't stop me from wondering if homeschooling would still be a great option. One of the things that has been holding me back from seriously considering homeschooling is feeling overwhelmed by it. Where do I start? What curriculum do I use? How do I know I'm teaching the right things? How do I know if my kids are progressing properly? What do I do if my kids aren't understanding? The last thing I would want is to give them a worse education. Enter FutureSchool. FutureSchool is an online based Math and English Tutoring system that would help you meet you child's goals while you were homeschooling them. As long as you have an internet connection they can learn from anywhere. Can you imagine running your home school lesson from the Grand Canyon or Disney World? As long as you had a mobile hotspot for your laptop, you