DIY: Wall Sconce | Sunshine Dad
A while back my wife told me she had an idea for a pallet project. She said she was going to run to Walmart and would be back soon. She returned with the following items: A 1 gallon decorative ball mason jar, a candle, some wire and a curtain rod holder. She explained to me she wanted to create a wall sconce using these items and some pallet boards. I let her explain her vision then I got to work measuring out some boards. I then cut and sanded the boards and screwed them together using my Kreg Jig. Next, I attached the curtain rod holder to the backboard I just created. She took the wire, wrapped it around the top of the jar a few times and created a loop handle. We were then able to hang the jar on the hook. Then she stuck the candle inside the jar. After I made the first one, I walked her through how to make a second backboard. We now had 2 sconces and after I put a hanging bracket on the back we were ready to mount them inside. We decided to hang them on either side of