DIY: Tiered Planter. Vegetable & Herb Garden | Sunshine Dad
For Mother's Day my wife gave me a short list of things she would like. One of those things was a raised vegetable and herb garden. She even let me see four thousand examples on Pinterest. Thanks for that Pinterest. Using some of the ideas I saw on Pinterest and what I knew of our backyard, I put together a plan and headed to Lowe's. I bought 13 boards that were 8 feet long by 4 inch wide by 1 inch deep. I mentally mapped out my plan and I started making my measurements: After I had made all my cuts this is what I had. (Please note, the 4 blue boards were from scrap I had left over from another project. The rest were cut from 1 of my 13 boards): After I made my cuts I started drilling my jig holes with my Kreg Jig so I could screw the boards together. Here I was starting to assemble the base garden box. What's a DIY project without a few "helpers" Once I got my boxes assembled I screwed them onto my fence. My backyard has a bit of a slope to it, as you can see by