A Keyboarding Program That Can Help Kids Advance their Typing Skills | Sunshine Dad
There are numerous keyboarding programs that you will find designed to help children improve on their keyboarding or typing skills. You should be able to find such keyboarding programs free on the internet but there are also others that need to be paid for. A good keyboarding program that may help your child learn and get skilled at typing is the Type Type Revolution game by Crazy this game, the child is required to type letters that pass through the timing bar. The child needs to type the letters that pass on the timing bar without leaving any letter. If the child actually succeeds to type all letters that pass through the typing bar, a combo is started. Every letter in the combo helps increase the score in the combo by up to ten. To begin the game, you have the option of selecting the kind of sound or music you want when playing. There are actually ten sounds each on a button for you to click to choose. There are up to three levels that this kids typing game has which