50 roses $50, 365 days. Just Fresh Roses. | Sunshine Dad
I know I don't have to remind the ladies that Valentines Day is coming up but the guys might need a gentile reminder. So fellas, listen up. You have less than 3 weeks until Valentines Day. Don't wait until the last minute and give her another coupon book good for "take out the trash without complaining" and "10 minute back massage." That was fine to give your mom when you were 7 but you're in the big league now. It's time to step up and give flowers! Every girl loves flowers. Heck, lots of guys like flowers too. The problem is, every year around February 14 and Mother's Day the price of flowers quadruples. Paying $65 for 6 tiny flowers in a coffee mug makes me a little sick to my stomach. What's a guy to do? The answer is simple. Go to They sell 50 roses for $50 (with free shipping) and they sell them at this price 365 days a year. For all of you math challenged individuals, that's one dollar a rose. And I'm not talking about some tiny little boring rose, they have