4 Tips to Make Your Blog Go Viral | Sunshine Dad
People start blogs for any number of reasons. Some just like to write, some want to keep friends and family up to date, some use blogging as a type of journal and some are hoping to eventually make money. Not everyone cares about how many views their blog is getting on a daily basis, but many would like to see their views increase. I have found the following 4 tips to be important if you want to grow your viewers. The 4 things I think are most important (in this order) are: 1) Writing great posts. If you are writing lousy posts then nothing else matters. No one is going to waste their time returning to or following a blog that is horribly written, hard to comprehend or full of typos. On the flip side if you write something so masterfully crafted that 100% of the people who read it are compelled to share it with their friends then nothing else matters either. It will go mega viral in a week. Of course most things we write are somewhere in between. A great post can be many things but