12 Truths About Becoming a 1st Time Dad | Sunshine Dad
Dear Dad to-be, Congrats! Your life will never be the same. For better or worse, the birth of your first child is an event that will forever change you. So much of becoming a new parent focuses on moms. There is good reason, moms do all of the hard work for the first 9 months, but once your baby is born you are just as much a part of the action as mom. Dads have an important role to play. I have decided to share some of my experiences in raising my 4 kids so you can have a little glimpse of What to Expect When You are be a Dad. LOVE You are about to experience a love you have never known before. The love a parent has for a child is unlike any other love. You don't love your wife the same way you love your parents or the same way you love your siblings or the same way you love your best friends. I could try to explain it to you but I would fail. Just like you would never be able to explain what a rainbow looks like to a blind man I will never be able to explain to you