Uber unveils redesigned version of its app on Wednesday
The Uber on Wednesday unveils the redesigned version of its app. Uber has made tremendous changes in its rider app, which will give more interesting experience to travel and use Uber. Uber has recently launched its new app, Uber had designed the app by keeping in mind "to learn from your routines", which give predictions to the users, where they could be headed. Engineers made changes in the app by keeping in the mind all around the world, the new rider app aims to recapture the clean and simple of the original experience of Uber without sacrificing the choices. The Uber new app comes up with the new logo. let's check out the changes in the Uber redesigned app: Destination - The new app re-imagined about the user "where to"?. Which now gives now more exciting experience for a better journey by starting with the user destination. Shortcuts - The re-designed app to learn from the routine of the users. Which will now see the shortcuts and app can predict the shortcuts by as per the user