Making you a better writer in fiction or creative nonfiction for novels, short stories, biographies, and memoirs. Testimonials Hello Writers, Thank you for your interest in the Writer's Workshop. This is a SIX-DAY or SIX-WEEK course of one, three-hour session, per night or per week, from 7 PM to 10 PM (or a time agreed upon). Six to eight participants. I will help bring out the best possible writer within each person by utilizing the experience I've had in the years I've been writing, attending classes, seminars, workshops, writer's groups, writing books read, contributing to writing books, and the years I spent in the film industry working on films to see the creative process in full swing. I've published 8 novels and written 20 screenplays. THE WORKSHOP We will work on: Structure Character Plot Theme Exposition Timing and Timeline Flashbacks Inner Mind Omniscient Observer First Person Third person Present Tense Past Tense Subtext, Back Story Changing Scenes Entering and Exiting