Todd McCoy's Adventure West | Author STUART LAND
GRAND PRIZE WINNER in two categories in two contests. Family for SCREENPLAY FESTIVAL, and action adventure for TABLE READ MY SCREENLAY. Genre: family adventure Logline: A selfish NYC street-urchin thrown from a train in 1872 Wyoming is suddenly faced with rivers, trees, Indians, mountain men, and kidnappers. He finds his true self by losing everything, and then puts his life on the line to save his friends. Synopsis This is the first adventure of Todd McCoy, a twelve-year-old street orphan in 1872 New York City, and how he and his friends are taken out west on an "Orphan Train" to settle with upstanding families. Along the way, Todd discovers they are being kidnapped by the unscrupulous Antoine Biggs, who throws Todd off the train in the wilds of Wyoming. The seeds of a new life are germinated as he learns new ways to survive outside of a city. Eventually, Todd is forced back on his quest to save his friends and teams up with an unlikely anti-hero. Through cleverness, wile, and