Currents of War - excerpt 4 | Author STUART LAND
CHAPTER SEVEN Berlin, Germany – 1932-1933 The country began to hemorrhage. Over the next month, lootings, murders, and gunfights ripped through every city and town. The Brownshirts and Communists went at one another's throats. A brazen shootout claimed 19 lives and almost 300 wounded. The Nazi papers, which Dempsey had now begun to read, claimed the communists were also part of the Jewish conspiracy. No one was prosecuted for the crimes of vandalism, thuggery, and murder that engulfed the nation on a scale never before seen. Berlin was put under martial law, and the entire Prussian state, one-half of Germany, was under an emergency decree. The government was immediately purged of all Catholics, Jews, and socialists. After the July 31 elections that saw the Nazi party double its electorate, it was as if a faucet had been shut off. Months streamed by with hardly any physical antagonism. What was reported was only word-of-mouth hearsay, as nothing ever appeared in the newspapers. A false