Currents of War - excerpt 3 | Author STUART LAND
CHAPTER FIVE Berlin, Germany – 1931 – Club Femina The bus traveled the length of Ku-damn and tilted left on to Nürnberger Straße, finally lurching to a halt in front of the slender shelf of a marquee jutting from the center of the 185-meter-long majestic façade. This geometric marvel known as the Der Femina-Palast, The Femina Palace, was the grandest, yet the swansong of the New Objectivity. She was a minimalist, but an elegant collaboration of Modernistic architecture. Dempsey swiveled his head to stare directly at the brightly-lit, meter-high letters, FEMINA. A whirlwind of hands grabbed him up and floated him along. The staircase spat the merrymakers out, one by one, where they reformed in the street like an amoeba. The radiant entrance, cluttered with an excess of hopeful customers, filled Dempsey's eyes with a grand confusion. Clutching one another en masse, the Lebenden Mannequin leaned their way into Berlin's premier nightclub. Dempsey seemed to be invisible within the throng of