What a Chinese Finger Trap Can Teach You About Marriage - Strong Women, Strong Love
With Valentine's Day coming up, are you looking for a romantic gift for your husband? I've got an unconventional idea for you. Pick up a Chinese Finger Trap. Remember this tricky little toy from when you were a kid? If you do, chances are you also remember that the way out of the trap is counterintuitive. Once you have your fingers in the trap, pulling hard to get them out won't work. The trap loosens only when you relax and move your fingers toward each other. That's actually a great metaphor for the relationship patterns we can find ourselves stuck in. You know how it goes: One partner habitually does something and the other always has the same knee-jerk reaction. The same old back-and-forth leads to the same old fights. Just as with the finger trap, the only way to escape our relationship traps is to pause before you engage in your familiar, instinctive reactions. Relax and move toward each other. Then you can work your way out of the trap.