Social/Discussion House Rules | The Strictly Spoiler
The following house rules apply to comments on The Strictly Spoiler Website as well as discussion on Facebook and Twitter in order to make the discussion areas a safe and friendly community for all Discussion is open to anyone world wide. Accounts will be required with either Facebook, Twitter or Disqus to take part in the discussion and these networks may have their own rules and user requirements which are separate from The Strictly Spoiler Please keep swearing to an absolute minimum. Some mild swearing may be tolerated if considered appropriate however please remember Strictly is a family show, The Strictly Spoiler is a website that is open to all and your comments may be viewed by minors Please treat each other with the same respect you would expect them to treat you. We won't always agree with each other with regards favourite couples, who has been eliminated and who should still be in the competition but this doesn't not mean other people's opinions are any less valid than yours