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You may have noticed a donation button appearing on Strictly Spoiler posts now and may be wondering what it is and why it is there. The following should serve as some frequently asked questions. Why are you asking for donations? Truth be told operating and maintaining this site is becoming a full time job for me and the revenue I receive from the current advertising is not enough to pay a full time wage especially as that income is highly seasonal. The site also has increasing hosting costs as traffic to the site increases and those costs are incurred all year round. I also now have to use a cluster of scalable load balanced web servers to keep the site up at peak times and this hosting solution costs me £300 a month during the months when Strictly is on. I've seen a few people in my social media comments suggest they would be willing to pay a nominal fee to access the site and the donation button is a way of catering to these people Does this mean you are charging to access this site