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Frequently Asked Questions Didn't this site use to be somewhere else? Yes it did! Formerly homed at Dave Thorp's Blog since 2012, in 2014 the Strictly Spoiler took off massively and has since been migrated to its own domain and its brand new home for 2015 and beyond. How do you get the results so soon? The results show is live isn't it? No the results show isn't live, it is pre recorded shortly after the main live show. The BBC goes to great lengths to try and maintain the illusion it is such as ensuring everyone refers to the previous show as being "last night" and even getting presenters to change clothes between shows. This is also the reason why voting lines only remain open for about 5 seconds each show. The only time the results are live is during the final. Not even the BBC are stupid enough to pre record that, although we probably shouldn't give them ideas. This is the same corporation who brought us Don't Scare The Hare who who knows what other crazy ideas they have! Do you