Strictly Come Dancing 2018 – Week 13 (Final) Cumulative Polls | The Strictly Spoiler
As most of you will be aware I ran polls throughout the final opening new polls after each dance with reset totals. However the BBC vote doesn't work like that with votes throughout the final added up and totalled at the end. So I thought it would be interesting (though not likely to affect the order but maybe the percentages) to do the same with my polls from last night. So I've crunched the numbers and here are the cumulative totals from my polls after each dance. So looking at these polls it seems that both Joe and Dianne and Faye and Giovanni gained votes as the final went along and Stacey and Kevin lost votes but not enough to cost them the Glitterball. Ashley and Pasha's vote was pretty consistent as the final went along Operating and hosting this website will have cost me close to £1000 once this series is over and done with. If you can afford to and want to help me out with these costs or just want to buy me a beer or a Christmas Present you can do so using