Strictly Come Dancing 2018 Finalists – Ashley and Pasha | The Strictly Spoiler
It's Final day and here we are with the delayed final part in my series where I take a look at the 2018 finalists journeys so far in Strictly. Continuing in the (no particular) order of qualification that means it is the turn of Ashley and Pasha Image BBC Best Dance Ashley and Pasha have had all four judges reaching for their 10 paddles twice this series. The first time was in Blackpool during week 9 when Craig dusted the cobwebs off his 10 paddle and awarded full marks along with the rest of the judges (10,10,10,10) They hit the dizzy heights of a maximum score once again in last week's semi final for their American Smooth (10,10,10,10) Worst Dance As you would expect we have to travel all the way back to week 1 for their worst scoring routine when their Viennese Waltz scored 29 points with the judges (7,8,7,7) Average Score