The Transcontinental (TCR) is a nonstop race across continental Europe from Belgium to Turkey. Racer/photographer George Marshall took on the TCR to see if he could make it to Asia. This is his adventure. “My race partner scratched after three days. My Garmin crashed on day four. My sunglasses were blown off my face and flew off a cliff in a gale on the Croatian coast. I went through two front tyres. I destroyed my phone climbing the Grindelwald. My phone network cancelled my replacement phone when I was searching for a hotel in Kosovo. I got lost in the alps and had to walk 5km down a steep hiking path in pitch black. I had six flats. I tore my glute sprinting from stray dogs. I fell asleep on the bike twice. It’s an ordeal, not a bike race. You’re rolling with the punches.” –George Marshall