Family Planning among Nepal's 'Smart Couples' by Health Communication Capacity Collaborative on Exposure
The Health Communication Capacity Collaborative (HC3) is working in Nepal to increase modern contraceptive use among young married couples. Its work includes programs to promote increasing the couple’s age when they have their first child, improving the timing of family planning use after delivery and increasing the practice of healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies (HTSP). The Smart Couple campaign aims to reposition family planning through an understanding of this younger generation’s aspirations. Some of the questions the campaign attempts to answer for them are “does family planning help us reach our life goals?” and “how do we use family planning expertly?” After pretesting in eight districts with almost 60 different respondents from various walks of life (ages 15-29 [literate/illiterate/ married/unmarried, with/out Child]), the team found that the term “Smart” had entered the local vernacular in Nepal and was associated with global thinking and new technology.