Graeme Obree - Endura: Renegade Stories
Endura and Graeme Obree go together like…well, what?Mavericks rarely make bedfellows, but there is such an obvious connection between the renegade Scots that their association seems inevitable, even if Obree is as far removed from the role of “brand ambassador” as might be imagined. No matter. Both parties are known for doing things differently; for carving their own path and rejecting the sort of received wisdom that others accept without question.“Watts, maths and all the rest of it are all very well until you’re one metre short. Then the Hour Record comes down to grit.”“There’s so much flim-flam,” Obree cackles over coffee in the café at Morrisons supermarket, Kilmarnock, an interview location he has chosen for convenience, but which also displays a healthy contempt for pretence. “Remember L-shaped cranks? People bought them! That’s what you’re up against.”Fifty miles away, at Endura’s giant headquarters in Livingston, you'll find a similar modus operandi. It’s why, for example, founder Jim McFarlane once drove a 3D body scanner 1,300km from Kaiserslautern to Pamplona to gain the most accurate measurements imaginable of Movistar Team’s riders. The team has topped the UCI world rankings for each of the three years it has partnered with Endura thus far. No flim-flam.