The Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica - Stories from Dave Krugman
It's not often that we consider the economic impact of travel- and it's even more rare that we realize we have a choice when it comes to how our travel budgets are spent. The travel industry is saturated with major corporate players- who often care more about the bottom line than about sustaining the areas they offer access to. Recently I had the opportunity to travel with Lokal Travel to the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica, and I was able to explore a superior travel experience. Lokal works directly with local communities to ensure that tourism to the areas they work in is focused on sustainability, authenticity, and true cultural connections. For more, visit them on Instagram at @lokaltravels. For more from me, @dave.krugman. The Osa is relatively remote, but easily accessible via a short hop on a plane from San Jose. As we flew over the vast expanse of rainforest below, the sight of winding rivers beckoned us through gaps in the cloud cover. After a gentle touchdown on a landing strip amongst the trees, we transferred ourselves to a jeep which took us straight to our first destination.