The Alpha Collective - Stories from Dave Krugman
In our interconnected age, creativity can be a collaborative pursuit. If you‘re united by a common cause, you can form a system of support that helps you go further, and see more. This summer, Sony Alpha brought together a diverse group of artists bound by a common goal- to travel through the national parks of our western states, pushing our cameras, and ourselves, to the limits. This is the story of the #alphacollective. We started our journey in San Diego- where we packed and loaded gear before sitting down to dinner with the Sony team, aligning our intentions for the busy week ahead. The buzz of energy and excitement was palpable as we loaded onto the bus that we would call home for the next 8 days. We closed our eyes in California, and opened them at the gates of Zion National Park. The first thing you notice about Zion is the sheer scale of things. Wide rock faces stand like sentinels, and guard the cavernous amphitheaters that ring with echoes like the halls of great cathedrals.