HEART OF A RAVEN by Baltimore Ravens
Mary Reuland still remembers the day almost 20 years ago that her son Konrad came home from school after meeting Hall of Fame baseball player Rod Carew. Konrad, who was 11 at the time, couldn’t stop talking about it. “‘You know I met Rod Carew!’” Mary recalls him saying over and over again. “That’s how it was the whole rest of the day. It was really kind of cute.” Like most kids, Konrad had hopes of becoming a professional athlete, and meeting a former Major League Baseball star made the dream seem just a little more feasible. “For him to meet a pro athlete at that age, it was like the best thing that could happen to him,” Mary said. Carew made an impact on Konrad in that one brief encounter. Konrad would go on to become a standout football star who shined in high school, then played at Stanford and for four NFL teams. But nobody could imagine the difference that 11-year-old boy would one day make in the life of the Hall of Fame baseball player.