The Galilee Basin by ACF
Queensland’s Galilee Basin breathes life to eastern Australia. It straddles the Great Dividing Range with its catchments feeding inland to Lake Eyre and its deep springs flowing all the way out to the Great Barrier Reef. In the Basin’s grassy, open woodlands, a 400-strong flock of the endangered Southern Black-Throated Finch holds tight to one of its last remaining strongholds. Etched in its rocks and deep in its veins, is the ancient living culture of the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners. Right now Indian mining giant Adani is itching to build one of the world’s largest coal mines in the Basin. But the federal court has just revoked approval of the mine because the government didn’t do its homework. From its massive contribution to global warming right down to the tiny finch it will drive to extinction, the impact will be colossal. This is an opportunity to tell the Minister to reconsider all the facts and reject the proposal for the Carmichael Coal Mine. WILL YOU TELL GREG HUNT TO REVIEW ALL THE FACTS AND REJECT THE CARMICHAEL COAL MINE?