InfinityMR 360
It’s been a while since we had introduced you to the new product. So today is that day. Here it is – InfinityMR 360. The previous version, InfinityMR, is used by hundreds of users all over the world. We got a lot of feedback from you guys, and I am really thankful for all your input. We took to heart many of them, but one remark was the most important – freedom. Freedom of movement - unlimited rotation in the yaw axis combined with the unique performance of encoders. That is why we have developed the solution that meets your requirements – 12 channel slipring connector in the yaw axis motor. Right now you can power the gimbal using your multirotor battery. You can control all axes using your main receiver. You can pass video signal and camera shutter control to your main receiver and keep all the wires clean. In the end – you can keep the whole system lighter and more convenient, even for a two-man team. Full specification here: click!