Purpose | Stir Me Up Lord!
But she will be saved through ·having children if she continues in faith, love, and holiness, with ·self-control . 1 Timothy 2:15 EXP This morning as I was spending some quiet time, I began thinking about my children and I hoped that I have raised them well. Usually about this time, the enemy likes to sneak in a whisper of doubt condemning me on how I have failed my children - but instead I recalled this verse from my morning Bible reading. The commentary in my New Spirit Filled Bible said: "To be a Christian homemaker, wife, and mother is as lofty a work as can be inspired, especially as we study the abundant historical evidence of a mother's influence in shaping the destiny of children, who have in turn shaped the history of the church and of nations." Earlier in this chapter my reading made me curious as to what exactly qualifies someone as an Apostle, now I don't know if I found a list of standards or requirements, but from what I understood on the topic, I thought Billy