Comparison and Shame | Stir Me Up Lord!
My computer has died and my husband is home for vacation this month; so posting is a challenge. But before my my daily quiet time, one of my (most admired and amazing) sweet sisters-in-Christ shared something that showed me just how far off course I have been in my thoughts lately. Then when I read John 21, the end of verse 23 God revealed some more truths to me. It is from this exchange with Jesus that some thought this disciple would not die. But Jesus never said that. He said, "If I choose for him to remain till I return, what difference will this make to you?" John 21:23 Voice We can't compare the path that was given to us to another. God didn't want two Peter's or two John's; he created one of each, because each has a specific God given purpose. Your path is different than mine, and ours is different from others; yet each can only accomplish what God intended only if we are following God (not others), fixing our eyes on Him - NOT being distracted with what anyone else is