My God is Stronger | Stir Me Up Lord!
The other week I almost blacked out, my heart rate was at 40, which is a big drop from my tachycardia of at least 100. I had severe back pains and didn't know what was going, so when I saw my Dr and got referred again to a Cardiologist- who has now scheduled a nuclear stress testing, echocardiogram and another 48 hr Holter monitor for me this Tuesday...but also that same Tuesday morning I'm having another ultrasound because my mammogram showed a new growth in my right axillary lymph nodes. Also my latest Lupus blood work showed an increase in my Lupus antibodies (not an improvement) my urinalysis shows kidneys stones and a UTI and if you've talked to me in the past few days you would know I'm fighting some crud/cold/virus as well...let me just say that I'm not standing for any of this. It seems I only get sick when my husband is home (unknowingly last vacation I was in a severe Lupus flare) and especially now that we're about to leave on a new adventure that we believe wholeheartedly