Praying for Truth | Stir Me Up Lord!
This is slightly a different topic, but I feel this is something we should be praying on as the body of Christ: What I am discovering, even though I consider myself an Independent/Libertarian - is that the media picks an angle and goes with what gets them the most sensational coverage, NOT what the facts will prove or disprove. THIS is exactly how Trump got elected, people are tired of biased media and politicians so embedded in the party lines, that nothing else matters. I'm actually sickened over all this coverage of this nomination! I've been praying for the husband and wife, especially their kids, as well as Dr. Ford and Kavanaugh himself. The media & political parties each have decided who is innocent and who is guilty- facts be damned! These situations are just politics and nothing more, yet, people's reputations are forever destroyed because people jump on these partisan bandwagons with their torches and pitchforks! I wish every senator and congressman could be