Doing our Chores for God | Stir Me Up Lord!
Have you ever felt like God has called you to do something, but have felt you didn't have what was needed to accomplish this purpose? Have you ever been sidetracked in the task God set before you? Have you thought that obstacles along the way were from God?As a parent, I give my children chores. I expect them to do be done in a certain time frame and I expect them to be done well. I sometimes will even give my sons chores to do that they don't understand (like, cleaning out the dogs water dish and then refilling it with clean water, this makes no sense to them). I admit my kids are like most children, they'd rather not have to do their chores, they will procrastinate and put the chores off as much as possible, usually some complaining and whining is involved. I always make sure that whatever tools are needed for the chores are given as well. I've also never felt the desire to go and interrupt their work or sidetrack them with something else. You can probably see