Our Words are Either Blessings or Curses | Stir Me Up Lord!
Recently I had a discussion on the power of our words and decided to republish this blog post - it's a long one, but it's from my heart and explains how we must truly guard our words. (Jan 25, 2015) Last year my husband and I decided to build a new house, our oldest son was going to be starting Jr. High that fall and we knew if we didn't move to another area he would be going to a school that had many gangs and a lot of drug problems. We found the lot in the neighborhood that I had been dreaming of moving into, we found the perfect floor plan and put down our earnest money. Once my husband returned to work (he works overseas) I was having a hard time sleeping, thinking of not being able to sell our current house, finance issues, etc. I woke up one night and sent my husband an IM and by 'chance' he was in his room and asked why I was awake, I explained my mind wouldn't turn off and we began to talk, after a few minutes I realized what was really bothering me – we had never prayed