I beat Cancer + 1.6 not working for me! | Steve_OH's Redstone
[tab name="Video"] [/tab] [tab name="1.6 Not working"] [Crash Report] [Help Chat] [Bug Report] From Bug Report: *It happens in both survival and Creative. I am using the new 1.1.1 launcher, but have also tried (with the same results) using other launchers that are compatible with 1.6 While playing, or even before I load a save or join a server the screen begins to flicker and the icon in the taskbar disappears and reappears constantly. This is often triggered when I try to do anything or interact with anything in the game. I have played minecraft since the earliest beta and never had this issue, my drivers are up to date, and I even removed my minecraft files so that it would redownload and repair any possible issues, which it hasn't. This problem surfaced from the early snapshots and has been bugging me since. It's not my video card, I run far more visually demanding games as well without issue. I'm not running any mods and have tried without a texture pack (I use the Faithful 32x32