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[tab name='Main'] Sorry it's taken me so long to check all the entries, I've been really busy with my studies and I also just finished a scuba course. I'll try to make some more things soon, but I haven't sat down to do so for more than 10 minutes lately. I found it difficult to select a winner and the top 5 as listed have changed several times. It was really hard to decide why one was in and another was not. I don't know if you agree with me or not on the top 5, but I am hoping you won't judge me too harshly on it. [/tab] [tab name='Winners'] Of all the outstanding entries, these are the winners (and Honorable mentions). An honorable mention is basically someone who was either in the top 5 at one point or pretty close to. I changed my order dozens of times and quite literally the eventual winner really did not win by a lot. To get links to their entries, go to the 'all entries' tab Positions 1st Hontrou (Fionbharri) 2nd Redsminers 3rd Teh Raiehan 4th 123LegoMinecraft 5th