Together Forever (circa April 1991) |
The telephone rang. "Jenn, what are you doing," asked the voice on the other end. "Probably the same thing you are," she answered, smiling. "Packing, huh?" Only two more days, can you believe it?" "Carol," Jenn began, tossing a sweater into the bag on the bed. "We've been waiting for this for twelve years. At this point, nothing could make me not believe it!" "Have we really been friends that long," Carol asked. "It seems like yesterday when they paired us off in first grade." Jenn took a picture of her and Carol when they were younger from the nightstand. "Yeah, I know what ya mean," she said as she sat down on the bed. "I guess those teachers didn't realize how well the buddy system really worked." She laid the picture on top of the clothes in the bag and shut it. "Let's just hope it works for the next four years." "Forever, you mean," Carol said reassuringly. "And don't worry, it will. Hey, did you find out what time we register?" "Oh yeah. It's Monday from noon to six." She