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I think tonight was the best night of American Idol so far this season. And I'm not just saying that because David Boreanaz was there ...'Course he didn't even speak but who needs him to. Sorry Tom Welling but I think you've lost your #1 spot in my eyes.Anyway, back to American Idol because I think I had a point to make. Lee was great singing Hey Jude. I love his voice; I think he's got the best voice this year, at least of the guys. I know everyone says Bowersox is going to win (and she did blow it away on Come Together)... but isn't that what everyone said about Adam last year before Arkansas' own dark horse stole the spotlight? My real point, though ... yes, I have one ... is that I've finally jumped on the Casey bandwagon. I still don't think he's all that great to look at ... I realize that a lot of his draw is based on looks, but that sort of look has never done much for me. But a boy who can play the guitar ... well that's a different story altogether. And he sang Jealous